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I'm the public safety and health editor at the Missourian and an associate professor in the School of Journalism. This spring (2018), I'm doing audience outreach for the Missourian. Call me at (573) 882-1792 with story tips, ideas or complaints.



I like running and cycling on the MKT with my husband and our dog, singing with Columbia Chorale, seeing as many documentaries as possible during True/False and traveling.

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Police Chief Ken Burton and the active, vocal group, Race Matters, Friends, have parted ways on the subject of racial profiling. The group sees the traffic stop data released every year by the Missouri Attorney General's Office as plain evidence of a problem in the Columbia Police Department. Burton has said he isn't convinced, and the disagreement has become an obstacle in conversations about what kind of policing Columbia will have.

The woman, whose name was not released by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, was swimming near a dock in the Dry Branch Cove near mile marker 5 when she was killed.

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I'm Katherine Reed, the editor of this story. It's clear that the issue of climate change prompts very emotional responses. I thought it might be helpful to reiterate that climate change is indeed settled science and that there is huge consensus on the impact that human act…


Correction: That's FRANCO, not Francisco. Whoops.


Ellis, this is Katherine Reed, the editor on the story. We're going to track Francisco down and ask him your question. Thanks for reading.


Mr. Smith: I'm one of the editors at the Missourian, and I teach reporters to estimate crowd size because — unless people are being paid to attend an event — it is often a reflection of public interest in an issue. Estimating crowd size is difficult and almost a science in itself, and it's e…


Hi, Joseph,
I'm Katherine Reed, one of the editors on the story. I thought you might be interested in knowing that when we were looking for reporters for this story, it just so happened that the reporters available were all female. There was no conscious choice made here. Thanks for reading.


Richard, Hi, I'm Katherine Reed, an editor here at the Missourian. I wondered about this headline as well, given that an estimated 250 Lakota Sioux were killed at Wounded Knee in 1890. I think there's pretty strong consensus among historians that it was not a battle. It's certainly important…


Hi, Mary. This is Katherine Reed (I'm an editor here). I had the same question. In the video, it appears that we can buy the Ivan plant at the Columbia Farmers Market.